London, England

I came to Chase Belgrave from another adviser that hadn't contact me in 2 years in order to sort out my investments. Within a few days I had a full report delving into each investment, what they thought of it, how it related to the market, to my own situation and the market in general.

Some of the funds were OK, and some were too high risk for me or were losing money so needed to be changed. This was a couple of months ago and now, not only is my portfolio growing but for the first time I actually understand it!

I have online access to the portfolio so I can check it when I like and don't have to be beholden to someone else to tell me about my money. Very pleased by the whole interaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Belgrave Personal Investment Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Chase Belgrave Pros: Immediate responses to emails, Investment growth, Service.

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