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Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It's absolutely true our main focus is on investment that is longer term, and we hope this is the case for our clients too. It's important that investments should be made for a usual minimum of 5 years and preferably longer. Short term needs should be covered by cash or money market funds with the significantly poorer performance that comes with them. Please always do make sure you understand the Key Features document and that you keep it on file for future reference. There is no one by the name of Michael working for Chase Belgrave, although there was once 6 years ago, for a very short period of time . If you require anything further please don't hesitate to be in touch.
Zurich, Zurich

ALL I can say if you are Buying an Investment through Chase Belgrave, Devere or any of the Overseas Expat Financial Advisers then you seriously do need to check the small print. Justin Harris and Michael Moore both worked for Devere and set up Chase Belgrave.

There MAIN focus is on Long term Investment plans. Which are fine until you want to exit them. The Penalties are huge even if the plan has been going years.

GET the full Terms and Conditions if you wanted to come out of it early.

Get it in writing for the company selling you it and from the company that underwrites it. MY advice is go Short term!

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