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Chase Belgrave - I definitely made the right decision…

Chase Belgrave
I definitely made the right decision choosing Chase Belgrave to manage the transition of my pension into an international account. They are a great wealth management company and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to transfer their UK pension. My particular case was rather complicated as I had accumulated several defined contribution and a defined benefit pension over the years and was looking to consolidate them into an single... Read more

Thank you Chase Belgrave

Chase Belgrave
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I have been a client of Chase Belgrave since 2013 at which point I had sold my business here and I was trying to organise my original pension from one of my long term UK employers. I had moved my pension from the original management to Guernsey…[my tax people] didn’t have a solution….and I was really getting to my wit’s end in terms of how to get out of the hole that I’d dug myself. I came across Chase Belgrave I believe in an article in the... Read more

Chase Belgrave - Significant growth

Chase Belgrave
Title says it all really, 6 small pensions stuck in dead end funds in the UK, consolidated and put to work, all this 4 years ago and I'm so relieved that not only am I on track to a relaxed retirement next year but that I haven't had to constantly worry about it all. The service has been truly phenomenal from start to finish. I only found this site through a search and I'm really puzzled by some of the other reviews, they don't seem to tally... Read more
Now I've got my pension sorted I can munch my croissants in peace. This has actually been three years in the making, I finalised my 8 (eight!) pension transfers and amalgamations through Chase Belgrave in 2015 and really haven't looked back since.... although...
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I started to look at the opportunities constantly being offered online about transfering UK pensions from the UK to a QROPS scheme - we now live in France. I contacted Chase for their advice. As a cautious person I was extremely nervous about using a non-uk based...
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Good day everyone I have had the privilege to of being guided through my private pension by Ben Crabb whom I find to be very easy to deal with he has taken me through the initial enrolment process of setting up my SIPP. I found Ben to be very helpful in every-way...
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It is not an easy choice when considering your future financial future, and I looked hard at my options. I selected Chase Belgrave. Since then, almost a year ago, I have witnessed genuine consideration and patience in dealing with my pension, because at times it can be...
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Chase Belgrave have managed the transfer of my UK company pension fund to an offshore scheme. It was a complex task but they did the work and I am very grateful for their help and advice. Since the transfer Terry Pryor (my Chase Belgrave advisor) schedules regular...
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Having moved to Spain to start our early retirement, My wife and I soon found our selves running into a few financial difficulties as it would seem to have many other Expats who have opted out for the sunshine and sangria Our issues started with planning permission...
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I moved from the UK 5 years ago with my company and had no plans to return. I had no idea what my private pension was doing back in the UK, and had no contact from the provider, and I was aware that I was still paying UK tax on my pension. I was confused as to what my...
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Chase Belgrave have helped me immensely to get the right products for my pension. I received the right advice, relevant to my particular situation and my long-term goals, promptly and provided sound advice throughout the process, applications and setting up of my...
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I have recently been through the process of transferring my pension through Chase Belgrave, I am from an engineering background and have no knowledge of pensions. However, this did not seem to matter as everything was explained to me in plain English and no question...
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